CM Europe’s DISINFECTOR provides a safe working environment for everyone.

After inserting the banknote, it will be checked and disinfected in one time!
And with the optional coin module, your coins will be disinfected too!

This patented solution is UNIQUE and the only product WORLDWIDE
combining counterfeit detection and disinfection in one machine! STAY SAFE!

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Combine the DISINFECTOR with the separately available
COIN DISINFECTOR and create a safe and healthy working environment for your customers and employees!

CM Europe Disinfector coin module
CM Europe Disinfector with coin module

Disinfection by UV-C

 A proven and effective way to neutralize a virus is through UV-C. UV-C destroys the DNA of bacterias (when properly used and not directly exposed to human beings) and only light is used (so taste, odor and color are not affected).